TI throughout the ages

TI was previously known as the Technical Control Room (TCR) and based on the Meyrin site. The section has seen many changes throughout the years, in line with advances in technology, from it's earliest version with panel controls:

To the introduction of computers circa 1970:

Moving forward to the 1990's:

Before it's final version in 2002:

In February 2005, alongside the stop of the LEP experiment in preparation for the LHC, the TCR moved from it's original home to join the PS and Booster control rooms in the Meyrin Control Centre (MCR). As of April 2005 there was just one operator on shift, with some team members temporarily joining other sections to assist with preparations for the LHC.

From 1st February 2006, the newly renamed Technical Infrastructure (TI) moved to it's current home in the CERN Control Centre (CCC) on the Prevessin site.

CERN Control Center,CCC,Centre de Contrôle du CERN

The TI desk today, with two operator workstations (two operators are on shift during Technical Stops and Long Shutdowns; at all other times, just one operator is present):


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