TI Mandate


It is the mission of the Technical Infrastructure section to minimise the impact of technical breakdowns on the accelerators and other important installations at CERN. 


The role of the section is to manage corrective maintenance activities and to coordinate interventions during major breakdowns, this requires an understanding of the operation of the important facilities and an up to date knowledge of operational priorities and on-going activities. 


It is the responsibility of TI operators to:



  • Permanently monitor the technical infrastructure
  • Assist equipment groups in the definition and implementation of alarms for monitoring services


Define, Initiate and Coordinate corrective actions

  • Provide first-line interventions on systems when and where possible
  • Create work orders for CERN groups and contractors
  • Alert on-call services of problems and help with diagnostics


Manage Major Breakdowns

  • Know the priorities of the organisation and act on events of consequence 
  • Coordinate interventions of different services and manage priorities



  • Be aware of current activities and ongoing works on the different CERN sites
  • Inform users of ongoing technical problems
  • Inform users of special situations such as constraints on power consumption 



  • Assist users in following-up technical infrastructure problems
  • Assist equipment groups with preventive maintenance and tests
  • Assist preventive and corrective maintenance work on safety systems by taking an active part in the safety procedures

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